Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Things are dandy here of late. A little crazy but I figured out that I'm fine with that.

A little crazy is a good thing for me.

Not in the sense that I need chaos in my life to function in life. No, I don't desire chaos. But it seems like when things are going good for me, too good, I get nervous. Makes me wonder what's around the bend.

When things are just a little bit stressful, though, a little crazy, (just a little a bit!) it's like I have something tangible to deal with. Something real, something right now and not around the bend.

Feels like it makes me stronger.

The other day I decided that I needed a new attitude. An attitude adjustment, if you will. Basically, I'm just trying to be nicer and not get so angry about things. It's hard work but I'm hanging in there.

The only other things I'd like to mention today are that I'm very excited about the election and that on The View this morning Elizabeth Hassleback had a fetus growing on her chin.