Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some Halloween Fun

Yeah, we had some Halloween fun up in h'yere. We actually did some things together as a family instead of letting the playstation rot Matthew's brain while we toss the baby in the swing and run away outside as fast as our little legs can carry us to smoke a cigarette and pretend like we don't hate our lives. :)

And since that doesn't happen so very often anymore, I took some pictures to remember it by. You don't see my cluttered kitchen counter, either!

Matthew was the "Hulk Guy" for Halloween this year, which was great because the costume was CHEAP!

We made little ghosties to hang from the trees outside.

Kevin, taking all the glory of being master pumpkin carver. He made me get out all the yucky stuff inside though, wasn't that nice?

My little beauty! She is such a good baby, I hardly deserve her.

Mr. Meowkins.

My ghoulish cupcake graveyard!

Oooh, we're sooo spooky and yet, so very very delicious!

Ol' Ichibod Crane stopped by. Without calling first. How rude.

Mr. Meowkins again. He's a camera hog.

So that was some of our Halloween fun. We're looking forward to going to Wichita for Thanksgiving this year and meeting our new niece who is six weeks older than Ivy. Yay.
Ok, that's it. I love y'all! I post more soon!