Monday, July 13, 2009

Catching Up On Pictures

This is Matthew on his graduation day. He was really excited about wearing his clip on tie.

This is him being presented with the "Most Friendly" certificate by his teacher, Mrs. Elsey.

Matthew and Mrs. Elsey. She's really a great teacher and this was her first year! She said she decided to go back to college and become a teacher because of the problems her own son had had in school. I'm so happy she did, too, because this was a hard first school year for me and she really helped both Matthew and I out, a lot.
Ivy's first birthday was May 2. Not a great big party, but hey, she's one! She was a doll, though, and loved opening her presents and played with every one of them. Interesting to note that the woman holding her in most of the pictures is Kevin's mom and Ivy actually let her hold her. Usually she just cries whenever Ann's around, ha ha ha ha. That's because she's only seen her a handful of times, but notice how if you weren't there and just had the pictures to go by, it would seem as if Ann is well loved by everyone and a big part of our family. Not true! (in my mind, anyway)

Then just some random pics.

Love you all!


Sassy said...

Aww...Mathew looked like a cute little gentleman graduating. And Ivy is a complete doll. I can't believe she's already one yrs old!

Love you, Hoo!

Ange said...


Cracks me up when my kids say O-M-G.

Anyway, wow! Lots has happened over the last year. Has it been a year!?! Crap. And look at those awesome kids! I especially love the pink dress on her birthday.
That cake reminds me of one of Pick's cakes. Well done. Can't believe Ivy is a year old! But then again, yes I can.
What was going on with school?
Write me.

I'm so happy he won most friendly. That's just great. :)
I'm gonna have to meet those kids one of these days.

Been thinking of ya and hope all's fine. Wish I had more time for this, but you know how it is. Just keep knowing your in there, and we're still tied. (Don't make that sexual!)

Jess said...

How sweet!!! You kids are dolls for sure!