Monday, August 3, 2009

The Dead Copperhead Head

This is so gross.

So, it's Sunday morning, right? And I'm sitting at the computer, clicking away at the keyboard because I've dreamed the night before about my Evil Aunt Sherry and now I'm convinced she's dead and I'm searching for an obituary online. While I'm doing this, I am also enjoying the soothing sounds of Kevin taking care of long overdue yard work. It's a beautiful day so far.

And then I hear Kevin calling to me, oh-so blithely from outside, "Holly? Sweetie? Could you bring me the loppers, please?"

I go out there and he's standing by some tallish grass pinning something against the house with this little rake/hoe type thingy. It's a copperhead. Oh yeah. An effing copperhead.

So I take him the loppers and he makes me hold the rake/hoe thingy so he can cut off it's head. And cut off its head, he did.

Again, I say gross!!!

A little while later and the excitement has died down. I'm back at the computer and I hear Kevin calling to me again, "Holly! Come see this! It's still moving!" I run outside and we're standing there watching the dead copperhead head open it's mouth and writhe around. Yep, that's excitement 'round these parts. Then it occurs to me to get my camera and try to get some video.

Now, this is not good footage. I missed most of the good stuff. My hands were shaky but you can see the mouth opening and closing and it's tongue moving around. You will see Kevin poking it with the rake/hoe thingy. You will also hear my creepy, heavy breathing and my annoying cat meowing in the background. Finally, you will hear me bitching, which I think is quite funny.

I tried all day to get this stinking video uploaded on Blogger with no success. So, please follow this link over to Youtube if you're weird like me and like to watch dead snake heads do sort of freaky shit.