Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Attention White People!

If you are a white person who has an entirely black child or a half-black child, learn how to fix their damn hair!!!

I've been meaning to bitch about this for awhile now. This issue has always bothered me, but Matthew goes to school with some kids whose hair is suffering! Suffering, I say!! It's ridiculous. There is a woman here in town, I don't know her name but Kevin knows her. She went to Africa several years ago and came back with an African husband. They promptly adopted a bunch of kids from Africa and had one of their own as well.

Anyway, I don't care that her husband is African (he is a bicycle cop, though, which is weird) or that they adopted kids from Africa (personally, I think their are plenty of kids here in America that need adopting, too, but whatever, it's their life). I don't care that they're a bi-racial couple and family, all of that's dandy, just dandy.

But you should see these children's hair. It's horrible. The boys aren't as bad, because it's kept short, but you can tell that somebody who doesn't know how to cut a black person's hair buzzed these boys. The girl's hair is the worst. It's broken and dry and flying around all over the place. It just looks awful. Why? Why is it this way? Because they have a white mom who doesn't know shit about their hair.

If I were a parent of a black child, I would learn how to care for their hair properly. If I didn't learn how to take care of their hair then how the hell are they expected to learn? I feel this woman is doing her children a bad turn, and I feel a little sorry for them. I'm sure she's a great mom (maybe), and I'm sure they're great kids (maybe) but for Christ's sake, do something about that damn hair!

You all know what I'm talking about, right? You've seen it too, right? The white lady with the little black kid with the crazy afro or the white lady with the little black kid who you can tell they tried to straighten her hair and it just looks like crazy hay straw sticking out of an ugly headband? You've seen them, right? Right?

Please tell me it's not just me!

I'm sure it's me.


fineartist said...

You made me laugh so hard in that last paragraph...I spit laughter all over the place.

yep, everyone should know how to take care of their kids hair, that's just part of doing your part as a mom. Heh. Grandma used to cut my bangs so short...and then she'd wet a bar of soap and soap those shorties to my head...Shame on her, Oh and I'm not even going to go mention the permanent waves...she put in my curly hair...I'm not going there.

I love you HOO!

Sassy said...


No, I've seen it! My nephew is mixed and he won't let a white person do his hair because he said they don't know how to do it.

If she doesn't know how to do it, and she isn't willing to learn, then she should at least take them to someone who can fix their hair.


Ange said...

You nut job.

You and Pickles and hair!
Right now she says the world hates yellow curly hair. Don't know where she got this notion, but I catch her in the bathroom spraying all sorts of potions on her head and trying to smooth it all down like a neurotic cat.

I'm so excited about seeing you!!!
Get that car fixed yet?

oooh! wv = "ployess"
Your new knickname.

Jess said...

it's not you. I grew up with a girl who had "black" hair. Now, living in a 99% white town, you can imagine how crazy this girls hair was. Bless her, she tried, but seeing as there were no black people in town to help was crazy. She got made fun of alot. That really messes a kid up.

Ange said...

Hey! Say "hi". I miss you.

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Ange said...

Hey. When did you go Chinese?