Monday, September 21, 2009

Quick Update

Things are going pretty good. Kevin's crew is almost done building their first log home. He's done well considering he's not a carpenter, and he's terrified of heights. That particular job is two hours south of here, so he's also been gone most of the summer. This will be his first week back home every night. He was camping Down By the River, and for fun he would stack rocks, of which we have some pictures of here. The stack in the first two pictures is about six feet tall.

Ivy's cuter than ever. Her hair is long enough on top to do a little ponytail. Squeeee!!! Right now she's loving books and identifying things in the pictures.

Matthew is doing Tiger Cub Scouts, and having a blast. He's also been to three birthday parties since school started a month ago. That's exciting for him since he didn't get invited anywhere last year.
And I'm ok, too.
Love y'all.


Sassy said...

Glad you are doing well! Ivy is so damn cute. The rocks are awesome. Love you, miss you.

beckyboop said...

Wow! I thought the rocks were like a tourist attraction. I miss you and your family!!!

My word verification is chiciru. I love you chiciru!