Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Than A Year

More than a year since I've written here. Feels longer. Feels odd to be back. Am I back? I don't really know. Why am I here? Because I can't sleep. Because my mind, it troubles me. Good ol' blogger. Comforts me. I guess.

Times is tough. Times is hard. I've been through worse, though, so I have. So have we all.

I want to say... (what do I want to say?)... that I love this life. Shocking, to me. Yet it's true. I do love this life, and the friends I've made. Wouldn't trade them for the world. And the experiences I've had- yes, they've made me who I am.

And I'm ok. Really. I'm ok. Not an angel but not a monster, either. No matter what anyone may think. I'm a good person.

We're going to have a better year in 2011. All of us, a better year. Abundant lives. Purpose and destiny (and dare I say it? maybe even God?) will lead us where we need to be. I believe that now.

To all my blogger friends, I love you. We may be lost, but we're not forgotten. And when there's someone there to remember us, we can always find our way home.